OnSiteViewer will revolutionize the way we plan our cities - empowering all stakeholders to make radically better decisions by experiencing physically accurate 1:1 scale real-time visualizations of proposed buildings in their actual environment.


01 / Provide and place buildings

​​Send us one or more 3d architectural models or BIM models, tell us what building materials will be used and use our intuitive upload solution to specify exactly where and how the buildings should be placed on the site. The investment you already made in making digital 3d models is about to provide an even greater benefit!

Our upload solution will be built on a geospatial 3d-engine to allow for the intuitive placement of buildings at an exact geospatial position and orientation relative to a high fidelity digital twin of the area.

02 / See physically accurate on-site visualization

Our approach to achieving an unprecedented level of realism will take into account the current weather and lighting conditions and the building's interaction with the physical surroundings in fine grained detail. 


Our Archviz experts will prepare the 3d models with  PBR materials that are physically accurate representations of real construction materials.


This allows our solution to render each building proposal in real-time photorealistic ray-tracing on-site at 1:1 scale. We are dedicated to continuously develop new cutting edge methods to make on-site visualization as true to physical reality as possible.

03 / Get on-site feedback

You will be able to send links to either specific stakeholders or openly to all members of the public so that they can use the OnSiteViewer AR app* at the location with a seamless, frictionless and delightful user experience and give highly specific feedback on the proposal(s) based on the best possible real-world understanding. 


Any feedback provided will be collected and viewable in the stakeholder feedback dashboard* that gives both big picture aggregates and the possibility to drill down to the specific feedback from specific locations. Early feedback makes it possible to iterate and improve on the proposals. Empowered by this new level of understanding, much better decisions can be made!

*OnSiteViewer AR app and the stakeholder feedback dashboard is currently under development.
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About OnSiteViewer


A group of passionate individuals with a broad range of expertiese from the XR and construction industries joined together in 2020 to solve one of the greatest challenges around the planning and design of our built environment. 


OnSiteViewer will revolutionize the way we plan our cities - empowering all stakeholders to make radically better decisions by experiencing physically accurate 1:1 scale real-time visualizations of proposed buildings in their actual environment.


Combing AR Cloud + 5G Edge based raytracing using our unique combination of physically accurate materials on building proposals together with a photorealistic digital twin of environment based on HD reality capture





Jan-Erik Vinje.png
Jan-Erik Vinje
Chief Executive Officer & CTO
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon

About: As the co-founder and Managing Director of the Open AR Cloud Association, and co-chair of the OGC SWG on GeoPose he is a spokesperson and global thought-leader for the development of an Open Spatial Web based on open standards and protocols as well as ethical best practices. Now he is eager to revolutionize and democratize they way we plan our cities with the help of AR-Edgecloud, and 5G.

Role: As a pioneer in real-world spatial computing he had the breakthrough
insight that combining a number of recent technology breakthroughs will
allow for the development of real-time photorealistic visualizations perfectly
integrated into their surroundings. He believes the OnSiteViewer technology
can bring significant benefits to humanity through a wide range of high-value


These use-cases has the potential to become extremely profitable
bussiness opportunities for OnSiteViewer. With an inspiring vision of the future he is attracting some of the best people in the industry to join his team!

Håkon Reisvang
Director of Marketing
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon

About: Is a visionary thought leader on how to leverage AI,
semantic web (Solid), robotics, IoT, AR/VR and 5G Edgecloud powered Spatial Web technologies together with BIM to transform how we design, build and maintain the built environment of our cities.


His experience as a stand-up comedian and his carismatic and dynamic personality gives him a special edge when building and developing strategic partnerships and customer relationships.

Role: Is energetically leading OnSiteViewer’s outreach to pilot customers and partners and contributes significantly to our fundraising efforts.


Helps spread the message of the benefits of OnSiteViewer through podcasts, articles, social media posts, YouTube videos, and blogposts on our website. 

Ali C. Hental.jpg
Ali C. Hantal
Director of Partnerships
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon

About: An experienced Serial Entrepreneur with a deep passion for education and a strong technology enthusiast with a profound focus on XR and spatial computing technologies. Founded XR masters in 2016, a company making AR solutions for different industries and markets.


He also hosted the first international educational YouTube
channel for 6 years (Mezun TV) and while living in Silicon Valley was a co-host for a popular Turkish TV-show in 2013-2015 providing daily updates from the global tech hub.


Role: As an international tech entrepreneur for more than two decades building companies with significant operations and impact,


Ali is well equiped to work strategically to develop the global operations of OnSiteViewer and help raise the required funding to make our vision into a profitable reality.

Roar Smelhus.jpg
Roar Smelhus
Key Account Manager Nordics
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon

About: Long before it became mainstream Roar has been a visionary and passionate advocate of both sustainability and the Urbanist approach to construction and urban development.


This makes him one of the leading experts on these topics in the Nordics. Through 26 years of experience
in the construction and real-estate industry he has shown a special talent for building many long-lasting relationships. In addition to theoretical insights he has developed real world mastery of engineering, marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship and economics.


Role: With his extensive network and deep customer insight in the
construction and real-estate industries in the Nordics, he is in a great position to manage the strategic customer accounts in this region. 



Guttorm Nielsen
Chief Product Officer at SuperOffice AS
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon
Eirik G. Wahlstrøm
CEO and co-founder of Ludenso (Educational AR startup) and MovieMask - (AR-glasses startup)
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon
Leslie Shannon
Head of Ecosystem and Trend Scouting at Nokia, Jeaopardy winner
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon
Lisa M. Watts
CEO One/Twenty1 Immersive Inc, VR/AR/XR Strategist & Advisor
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon
John Eivind.jpg
John Eivind Hallén
Former CEO and CXO of Shortcut, Senior Business Dev at Gjensidige
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon
Øyvind Svaland
Project Lead eXtended Reality at Veidekke Norway
  • Svart Linkedin Ikon


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